Laptops With A Lower Failure Rate

By John J. Rockerson

Production problems can be the most detrimental to any business. Loss of valuable time, money and energy spent working to fix the issue can balloon to many dollars spent. There are laptops on the market that can prevent any down time with your computer systems, which means more productivity creating more profit.

Valuable time in productivity can be lost when your computers crash. Worry no more when you purchase a laptop that continues to stay up and running no matter what type of conditions you are working in. Keeping your customers happy leads to more productivity and increased sales.

Most business owners will tell you that their number one key to success is customer satisfaction. Without their customers, they would not have a business. Business owners agree that it is important to provide your sales force with only the best in mobile computing and from what we are hearing, Panasonic Toughbooks have many uses in the field.

In a report published in October 2005, on average only 4% of Panasonic rugged Toughbooks failed in while working in harsh environments. Compare that to 36% of standard computers and notebooks manufactured by other companies. Which one would you choose for your toughest jobs?

As we move into mobile computing, Panasonic continues to provide us with reliable tools to help us progress through our day without interruption when you check in the more industrial markets. However, Sony and Dell's slim and sleek laptops are still very popular in the office applications. Rugged and durable keeps field personnel functioning but these types of computers are not necessary for all situations.

If you figured how much money your company wasted when a computer went down, you would be shocked. Then if your valuable outside sales rep is wasting valuable time trying to repair the problem, more time and money wasted. Not to mention the unsatisfied customer who did not receive product because of the down time.

Providing your employees with a rugged and reliable laptop for their daily operational needs can increase productivity. Durable, sturdy, and weather resistant all in one amazing product should certainly provide your people with a productive workday. Stop wasting money on those other standard computer that do not compute when you need them and switch a computer that won't let you down.

As we mentioned earlier, failure in communication during the workday can create huge problems and recovery of lost time can be costly to your bottom line. You want to make a smart purchase for your staff and your company so be certain you do your research. Identify the needs of your employees in the field and make sure that you get something that will stand the test of time.

Money can always be a factor in these trying time, so check with manufacturers to see about their refurbished models. Many manufacturers sell discontinued models as well which all pack the same punch but for a lower price. Dell and Panasonic both have discontinued or refurbed products so make your dollars count, same great value for a fraction of the price. - 30318

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Gun Cabinet- Learn The Basics

By Randolph Metzelson

If you are an avid hunter, or a collector of firearms, you probably need a gun cabinet or safe to keep your equipment organized and well-protected from moisture and dust. It is also important to keep them locked and away from children or animals, either of whom might otherwise cause a dangerous accident. Before you venture out to make your purchase, however, there are a few things you will need to remember in order to assure that you are getting the right setup for your collection.

Though averaging around six feet in height, gun storage can vary in dimensions, depending on the type of guns you own. After all, rifles and shotguns are not all made the same way.

Traditionally they are made from oak or other strong woods with a beautiful lacquer finish, that feature a beveled glass display, felt lined resting plates, and wood veneers.

However, you can also find safes made of steel that are definitely designed more for function than for appearance.

Averaging about six feet in height, they also vary in width and depth depending on the types and amount of guns you would like to store. Many also rest upon a lockable cabinet where you can store hand guns and ammunition.

After acquiring the specifications for your unit, and you know how you wish for it to look, you are ready to shop for your gun cabinet. Big box stores that specialize in outdoor equipment can entice you with their flashy displays and knowledgeable sales staff, or with the opportunity to handle the equipment before making your final decision, but in the end that is what you usually pay for. To be sure you are getting the best deal, turn to independent internet retailers who can save you a substantial amount of time and money while you shop from the comfort and privacy of your own home. - 30318

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New Choices For Laptops For Field Services

By John J. Rockerson

There are laptops available now that are assisting in saving lives. As medical staff and first responders can tell you, these laptops are critical in allowing vital information to be sent to awaiting doctors. Minutes can make the difference between life and death and having these laptops gives healthcare workers and first responders the tools to save lives.

Doctors working in the hospitals can now retrieve information on all their patients in minutes as well as update patient files after rounds. Lab results are received in real-time instead of having to wait; all due to new technology. Laptops are cutting edge for healthcare and are becoming valuable tools to hospital workers in addition to saving time and money.

As we continue to take our laptops remotely into situations we previously would have avoided, we run the risk of computer failure. There are many laptops on the market that provide you with the ultimate protection you need. Today's healthcare workers can be productive and efficient as long as they are using one of the rugged laptops available for their application.

As a hospital worker, you need tools to be efficient, as does the busy pharmaceutical worker. If you are spending hours a day in the field then you need a reliable mobile device. Whether you are selling the pharmaceuticals, or making rounds at the hospital, find a laptop that will suit your specific needs.

Keeping up with technology seems to be a goal across the board for designing and building innovative laptops. Manufacturers like Dell, Sony and Panasonic continue to raise the bar for technology. Just when you think they could not get any better they do!

We see laptops that work in sub-zero weather. I have heard stories about drop tests on some models from as high as three feet, unheard of before the advances made in technology. We as consumers are the motivation and as we continue to challenge the designers, they continue to come through for us.

Finding a computer with an extended battery life can be a trying task. I know that working out in the field requires the need of a battery that will hold a charge for the entire workday. In some emergency situations, one day can drag into the next and you don't want to be caught without juice in your laptop.

Switching to a reliable, dependable laptop for your outside personnel is going to be the best business decision you can make. Give your field operations department the best tools available on the market. Save money, time, have increased productivity, and eliminate unnecessary down time by making the right choice for their needs.

When you make that decision to change with the times and upgrade your laptop, be sure you ask a lot of questions. Every person will have specific needs and you should always outline your critical "must haves" down to the "would be nice to haves". When you are choosing your mobile computer, choose wisely to be sure you that your needs are met! - 30318

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Paracord - Uses for Parachute Cord

By Jeremy Silver

What can we use Parachute Cord (Paracord) for ?

Paracord is simply Parachute Cord which attaches the parachutist to the canopy. Commercially marketed today, paracord has hundreds of uses often not initially thought of. Manufacturing of Paracord first started in World War 2 and the design has remained unchanged today. The outer sheath is a filament nylon covering with seven high strength inner nylon cords. The combined breaking strength of a single piece of paracord is 550 pounds. The breaking strength of the cord can be increased during manufacturing but is not usually less than this unless otherwise specified.

Definitely more than just parachute cord (paracord) it's regarded today as an iconic military rope for any situation requiring lightweight cordage. Whether you camping / hiking or making up a survival kit, you would be at a disadvantage if you did not include paracord as an extra piece of kit. Uses for paracord are endless Uses for paracord are endless and are often limited by a persons imagination. Below are a few ideas:

Use Paracord for:

Ridgeline for Tarps/Bashers Restraints

Shoe & Bootlaces Tourniquet

Repairing Equipment Bottle Holder

Securing Equipment Zipper Pulls

Securing Equipment Guylines

Hanging Food from Bears Washing Lines

Making a Fire Bow Handle Wrapping

String for a Bow Trail Marking

Shelter Making Surfing Snowboarding leashes

Hammock Making Kite Surfing Wind Surfing

Fish Nets Boating

Snares/Traps Whip Making

Weapon Straps Binding

Use the Inner strands for:

Fishing Line Dental Floss

Sewing fabric together Small twine for whipping ends of larger cord

Emergency Stitches

' Many other applications . . .

NOT JUST ON EARTH - In February 1997 paracord received global attention when it was used by Discovery astronauts to repair the Hubble Telescope in space. Patches were applied and secured with paracord to fix a re-occurring problem with the Hubble Telescope. - 30318

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What Is Paracord

By Jeremy Silver

Parachute cord (also paracord or 550 cord) is a lightweight rope originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. Gaining wide spread popularity as a survival tool the paracord was often the first part of a parachute to be cut apart and retained for survival practices.

So how is paracord made? It's a complex interwoven braided sheath that has a high number of strands for its size and smooth texture. Due to this paracord, is used for a number of purposes including fashion, survival kits and of course parachutes. This has led to manufacturing in both civilian and military purposes.

Within bush craft and survival communities paracord has reached an almost iconic status where it is considered that its uses are only limited by a person's imagination to use it. Take the second Space Shuttle mission in February 1997 for example... A bright and resourceful astronaut decided the best way to repair the Hubble Space Telescope was with the outer sheath of a length of paracord.

Taking into consideration the mainstream use of paracord it has not lost its military identity. Nearly all US units are issued with the cord where there is a requirement for lightweight cordage. Examples of this use would be making shelters, binding materials, securing camouflage nets or using the inner strands for sewing fabrics and fishing line. It is popular to melt the ends of paracord with a hot knife or flame to join the ends of paracord together.

Six types of paracord are commonly supplied. These are Type 1, Type 1A, Type 2, Type 2A , Type 3 and Type 4. Type 3 which has a minimum breaking strength of 550 pounds (hence the name 550 cord) is the most widely used today. Similar to any manufactured product, there can be variations in the quality of paracord supplied from different factories. However, All US Military issue paracord is certified to conform to the standards of MIL-C-5040H. There are no requirements specified in regards to the diameter of pacacord. - 30318

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How To Find The Best Deals To Fill Your Gun Cabinets

By Randolph Metzelson

Gun cabinets are very nice home fixtures, there's no doubt about that. But the true gun aficionado is more concerned with the contents of the gun cabinet. That is, the actual guns need to be purchased. Here are some tips for filling that beautiful thing up on the cheap.

Look at the classified ads in your local newspaper. There may be ads for guns, and they may be reasonably priced. Sometimes gun collectors who need to make a quick buck will sell guns for rather low prices. Some areas will have more of these ads than others. It all depends on how popular gun sports are in your area, but there will be some in most places if you keep your eyes open and check often.

Search online for guns. Some websites offer great deals on hunting supplies. If you really do your homework, and take the time to compare prices, you're likely to find some satisfying products. Pay special attention to this tip, if you haven't already looked. There are really some amazing deals out there that may beat out your local shops.

Connect with other gun lovers via message boards. There are many out there who have the same interests as you and I, and they can be communicated with, consulted, and bartered with. Find a community of people who share your interest and pick their brains for information that you can use.

Use your friends and relatives as resources. They may be selling guns, or they may know others who are. By putting the word out in your local area that you are looking for good buys, you increase your odds of finding them exponentially.

In summary, the most important things to do are to network and to use your resources to their fullest potential. Above are a few ways of going about that. If you follow this advice, you will definitely find some deals that you weren't aware of before. - 30318

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Paracord Survival Bracelets Defined

By Jeremy Silver

Paracord Survival Bracelets Defined

A Paracord Survival Bracelet in it's simplest form it's a single piece of 550 Type III paracord knotted into a bracelet. Many unique designs and interpretation are made today and similar to any product today the quality of the product will vary. US military specification paracord is widely considered the best quality paracord on the market. This reputation has been achieved largely due to the fact that American manufacturers conform to design specifications defined by the US military (MIL-C-5040). As you can see if you have a paracord survival bracelet on your wrist and you find yourself in a situation that requires some light cordage simply unbraid the bracelet and you have one continuous foot piece of cord (upto 24 feet).

So what are the many uses of paracord? The answer is pretty much anything and everything mainly limited by a persons imagination to use the product. Broken shoe laces up a mountain? The outer sheath makes excellent boot laces and will most likely outlast the originals that came with the boots. Need some quick thread? The inner cores are great for impromptu fishing line or first aid. Need some lashing for a tarp shelter? Again take out the the inner strands and you have all the cord that you need! Need to fix the Space Shuttle on it's second mission (No not a joke, paracord was actually used to repair the Space Shuttle in 1997). It sounds a bit ridiculous but paracord is so useful for replacing everything that it is even now used in space. Back on earth a broken gear strap on your kayak, making a field repair to your backpack or making an impromptu rope for a bear bag... the list goes on.

Paracord is without question one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can take to the field. It's light, it's convenient and it's super tough. The sheath is braided from thirty two (32) strands and the inner strands are made up of seven (7) two-ply yarns. Paracord survival bracelets are in use by security forces in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as by law enforcement personnel across the USA.

Paracord bracelets share a number of knotting techniques which allow it to have two, three and even four colours woven into the paracord bracelet design. Choices of a single buckle or knot(s) to complete the loop of the paracord bracelet are again down to the designer.

If your spending time outdoors or making up a survival / first aid kit for a trip a Paracord Survival Bracelet is a useful method of carrying paracord with you. - 30318

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